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Terms of Service

**You must be 18 or older to place an order with Full Moon Special. Any person(s) under the age of 18 must negotiate the order through a guardian of legal age.

**Please be advised that your suit will be built in a house that has pets, so if you have animal allergies, please consider this warning.




The Client will submit their design/project with clear, detailed imagery and information, at which, the Artist will review the design and requests, and issue a Price Quote. This Quote does not bind one to an agreed slot or commission, however.


Upon both Client and Artist agreeing to this Quote, the Quote itself is valid for a period of three months following the initial Quote.

Once these three months have passed, or changes are made to the design in that period, this Quote will be considered invalid, and a new Quote will be issued accordingly.




The Client will be kept informed on order status and will be provided Work in Progress photos ("WIPS") through various stages of the process. A public trello queue will also be displayed.

The Client may send emails requesting updates/or questions/concerns.

Any questions/concerns/update requests should be kept to email,- private messenger and social media inboxes are not to be used for the transaction and will be ignored or redirected to email.




Once Initial payment is agreed upon and sent, any changes that the Client wish to make to the initial, quoted design, will have to be approved by the Artist in writing. The Artist has the right to refuse the request.

Any change(s) requested by the Client which affect the production costs will incur an additional fee, this fee being the responsability of the client to pay prior to the changes being made.





Payments must be in USD. Invoices will be issued for payments. Paypal is an accepted method for the transaction, however, additional options can be discussed.

The Initial payment (30% of the total agreed price) is the down payment. It will fund all materials and confirm the project in the official queue. This down payment is non-refundable.

Should the Client opt for a payment plan for the amount remaining, a feasible plan can be negotiated with individual clients.

Upon completion, the final payment, in addition to a shipping charge, will be due prior to the shipment of the completed costume.



Should a Client wish to cancel their project during or before production, Up to 70% of the total price paid (excluding the 30% down payment and shipping charges) can be refunded.

However, if the Artist cancels the order, the entirety of which has been payed up to that point, down payment included, will be refunded. There is no refund option once a suit is shipped and recieved.



Wear and tear is expected on a costume , however, any issue upon first recieving the costume, due to artist error or shipment damage, can be repaired immediately - just let the Artist know upon opening! Any repairs needed after the fact, caused by general wear or roughness, will be assessed and charged by the hour. Shipping charges, both to and from the Artist, will be the Client's responsability.

If you are attending a convention or event that the Artist is attending also, and you need a small fix, please notify the Artist ahead of time so the appropriate materials can be brought to do so.

If the costume arrives back dirty, the Artist retains the right to ship the costume back, at The Client's expense, and refuse the repair. Otherwise, a Cleaning charge will be issued to continue the repairs.

Any alterations made to the costume by the Client or any individual other than the Artist will void any future repairs by the Artist.

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