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The Ordering Process

Quote and Payment

 Ordering a custom-built costume is a very personal experience for both you and the artist. Even with a character or design mapped out, translating this character into a 3-dimensional costume is an intricate experience. But with every project, it starts with a price quote. It is important to be clear and articulate about what it is you want and what is important to you about this design (What should the artist focus on or take special notice of?) 

If the artist and customer agree upon a quote and discussed details then the customer will receive an invoice for a down payment (usually 30%). This down payment secures your slot in the production queue, as well as purchases the necessary materials. Please note that the down payment is non-refundable. 

Design and Reference Art

 A reference sheet is a blue print for your character's design and overall appearance.  This is what the artist uses as a guide for your costume, so it is important to have a clear, well crafted image to start off with! 

If you do not have a reference sheet, I can recommend the artist NightLinez! His artwork has been the foundation for a number of FMS costumes, and his art translates well into a 3-dimensional costume. 

Nightlineze Ref sheet example.png

Once payment had been made and a design finalised/agreed upon, then your project will officially be moved into a production schedule. You can follow/view the production queue on our Trello page, however, inquiries can always be requested through email, just as well.

When your project is ready to be worked on, you will recieve updates and  "WIPS" (Work in progress photos) as there is progress made. Your feedback is important, and client approval is needed before the next step, often. 

Finally, when the project is completed, final photos will be sent to you, and shipping details/invoice will be sent as well. 

Upon recieving your order, it is IMPORTANT that you report any damages or issues, both with box or the costume, to the artist immediately. I am happy to work with you to resolve any issues that may have arisen in transit or production error.

Beyond that, performing in your new costume is your final step.  Keep hydrated, know your body's limits, and have fun!  I love pictures. :-)

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