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Frequently Asked Questions


✦Are you open for commissions?    

   My commission and Quote availability are displayed on the front page, -Commission openings will be announced in advance on social media 

                           ✦FullMoonSpecial @ Twitter

✦Do you offer payment plans? 

   To an Extent. After the initial 30% down payment is made, the remaining sum can be split into up to three payments. Preferably, the total Quote will be paid upfront. 

✦Do I have to have a reference sheet?    

   Yes, reference sheets of your character/design are a huge help  when translating your design into a fully realized costume.  There are many artists who offer the service of reference sheets, in fact, I always recommend the artist Nightinez!   

                           Nightlinez @ Twitter


✦Do I have to be 18 to place an order?

   Yes. I cannot legally conduct business with a minor.  However, do not worry! If you are under 18, you can still  place an order through a parent/guardian who is of age. All communications/payments would be orchestrated through this parent/guardian

✦Do you accept orders with a deadline? 

   No, I do not accept nor guarantee orders with deadlines, nor do I accept "Rush" orders. If you have a specific deadline or date in mind, you can always mention it upfront and I'll be mindful of this date when working on your order, however, no guarantees!

✦Will I get in-progress shots of my order?  

   Of course! As the customer, you are entitled to in-progress shots. (Also called "WIP" shots) I will provide shots at crucial steps for  customer approval. Some WIP shots will also be posted to social media.     I have a Trello page that is updated with WIPS/project progress as well! *Trello link* 

✦Are there any features you won't do? 

   Yes,  I don't offer Wigs and moving jaws for foam based masks. Everything is a case by case basis. if you are unsure,- ask! Or describe to me your desired effect or outcome and we can work together to figure out a feasible method to execute it. 

✦What if my  costume gets damaged? 

   If your costume is damaged in Shipment or upon first receiving the costume, let the Artist know immediately and the issues can be addressed. Any further damage, from wear and tear, will be assessed and charged on an individual basis, at an hourly rate. 

✦Can you Refurbish a costume by another maker? 

   No, I do not offer alterations or refurbishments on others' works.

✦Do you ship outside of the United States?

    Yes! I've sent orders all around the world. 


Is there a question not answered above? Feel free to email me with you inquiry!

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