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Care and Upkeep


      If you want to keep those fangs pearly white and your fur pristine, this will serve as a basic guide to keep your suit clean and extend its lifespan! 

This guide is intended for new suit owners, but if you want more in-depth  

tutorials, I highly recommend Matrices' website! 

The Basics; 


✦Keeping Cool

    In addition to staying hydrated, you’ll want to look into getting Heat gear style Under armor, or any base layer long-sleeved clothing meant for keeping you cool and wicking away sweat!

   Most department stores have their own versions of Athletic clothing with this purpose. Balaclavas are also essential! Protect yourself from heat exhaustion! (And your suit from sweat!) 


    Combat sweat build up/odor with a spray bottle of Isopropyl (70% is best!)  Spritz the sweatier areas like the underarms, the interior of your hand and feetpaws, as well as the inside of your suit head. 

   Do not use Febreeze, lysol or other similar sprays, they may just leave your suit feeling oily and in worst cases- the chemicals could damage the fur or foam!

 Disinfect your suit after-wear but make sure it is COMPLETELY DRY before storing! 



✦No Heat


Fake fur is susceptible to heat damage, so avoid hot water when washing and do not leave your suit in a hot car or other high temp situation.  And NEVER put your suit into the Dryer! Only exception is using the “Tumble dry” setting on your machine. 



Part of keeping your suit clean and looking fresh is to brush your suit before and after wear.

 High stress areas like the in-seam, under arms in particular need brushing to prevent matting. 


A wire “slicker brush” is too rough for regular use. Softer plastic bristles or a comb are recommended! 

✦Spot cleaning


Pesky dirty spots or stains can be frustrating, but taking special attention to the area with a damp rag with a gentle laundry detergent is usually enough! Brush and rinse the spot afterwards. 


Folex is a Carpet Cleaning solution that also works wonderfully! And it needs no rinsing! 

cleaningguide folex.png

   But if you really want to go the extra mile, some suit owners have gotten the Bissell Little Green machine!

    Also for carpets and upholstery, but works great for fursuit spot cleaning! (‘Specially the undersides of feetpaws…) 

✦Washing and Drying


To wash your suit, you can use your washing machine set on ‘Cold’ only. Just like before, never use warm or hot settings!  Use a gentle laundry detergent. Powder or pod based formulas are not recommended! 


The bodysuit can be turned inside out, but for the paws, you’ll want to put them into a mesh washing bag or a pillow case. If your tail cannot fit, it’s fine to leave it out of the bag with the bodysuit. 


Your head may not be machine washable, especially if it is an older head. Every costume is unique; some may have features or methods that require special care (like airbrushing, horns, for example.)  So it’s always a good idea to ask your artist if you are unsure about machine washability.


For heads that may not be machine washing safe, you can partially fill a bathtub with cold water and a splash of detergent. Fill it just enough that the head isn’t submerged past the eyes. The Eye mesh is to be kept away from water as it may deform. 


Use your hands to gently lather the soapy water into the back of the head, the neck and around the interior and exterior (avoiding eyes) Rinse with cold water once done. 



Drying can take a while, but first you can start by putting your bodysuit, paws and tail in the dryer on “tumble dry” (ie; absolutely NO heat whatsoever!


Take the suit parts, give them a brushing, then drape or prop the wet pieces in front of a box fan or two. Make sure to rotate and brush them every 30 min or so to ensure everything is fluffy and dry.  Be careful about letting your bodysuit or paws drape or hang too much when they’re most wet. The stress weight of the soaking fabric can stretch out the fabric! 


Once you are sure your suit is COMPLETELY dry, you can store it on a hanger or in a tote bin. It’s important that it is bone dry because a damp suit in storage has the potential to mold!  


To help keep a fursuit fresh, some people will include scented dryer sheets or moisture-absorbing scent bags into the parts before storing.

✦ Got any Questions or something you're unsure about?

  Send me an email and I'll be happy to help! :> 

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