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The Callback Film Fundraiser!

The Callback

      Earlier this year, Full Moon Special got to contribute to the production of a short Horror film titled "The Callback" by a very talented crew of artists, actors and film makers. 

       They have just initiated a fundraising campaign to secure the funds to complete the film!  You guys don't want to sleep on this. Consider donating to support indie Horror! 

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  • As of August 14, 2020, the Full Moon Special Patreon is officially launched! I am very excited to finally have a Patreon set up!    
        I would love to tackle more ambitious projects like comics and elaborate cosplays, but I am often limited by free time and income, to do so. Your patronage directly supports (reads: enables) my ability to support myself as I bring you these creations.

Thank you so much for your support! I am excited for what the future will hold for FMS! 

        - J 

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